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High - Pressure Resistance

Pre-Impregnated Fiberglass Tape

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Glass Fibre Tape

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The dispersion of glass fibre filaments in the glass fiber tape is more even. We use a special impregnation process to make each glass fibre filament in the fiberglass tape is more evenly dispersed in the matrix resin, which avoiding the probability of agglomeration between the glass fibre filaments. The effect of this technology is especially prominent after the secondary heating and melting.


Tape Length Per Roll


0.4 mm

Max Tape Thickness

The thickness of fiberglass tape is adjustable with 0.5mm for each class, the max fiberglass tape thickness can be reached to 0.4mm.

16 μm

Glass Fibre Raw Material

We use glass fibre with an average diameter of 16 microns as the raw material, which is thinner than the usual glassfiber tape (over 20μm). It can make the glassfiber tape stronger, and improves the compatibility between the glass fiber tape and the resin.

Banline Fiberglass Advantages

- Top-class epoxy resin content, maximizing reinforcement performance.

- Step forward to perfect surface finish, which leads to highest performance of fibre reinforcement material .

ECO - Friendly 

- 100% recyclable for circular economy.

- Longer lifetime value.

- Sustainable leads to protect the environment to save more CO2.

Increased Special Formula

The matrix resin adopts the special formula to increase fusion quality between the glass fiber tape and the pipe material more firmly, which ensure that under long-term pressure, there is no delamination between each layer of the glass fiber tape and the pipe material, which can prolong the service life of the pipe material.

Special surface treatment technology for glass fibre. This special glass fibre surface treatment technique improves the orientation of the glass fibre in the matrix resin and enhances the epiphytic crystallization of the matrix resin on the glass fiber surface. This special structure can effectively conduct the stress, which has better glass fibre reinforcement performance.

Fiberglass tape Banline.png
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