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Large diameter Injection Joint Complete Equipment

The new type of sealing joint solution by using both ends of pipe(Spigot-end & Socket-end) injection molding, and sealed with the rubber ring.

High Efficiency


Injection processing. Joint about 5-10 minutes. Generally, it will take about 1 hour if use other processing methods to produce the same diameter joint.

Saving Materials


Saving more than 50% material by comparing with winding socket collection if using ratio injection methods and improving joint strength by optimizing cyclic structure.

Reducing Energy

Consumption saving more than 20% electric quantity than single extrude methods if using re-injection extrude methods after extruding plastic by one extruder.

Competitive Solution


Easy installation

Using sockets, easy installation. There’s no need special skill

Excellent performance

Socket loops seal is a classic technical of flexible connector, It has excellent distortion resistance & uneven sedimentation leakage as well as excellent applicability of operation condition.


Working in Process

socketing injection machine.png
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