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A Wonderful Plastic

Pipe Industry Exhibition

ChinaPlas 2021

The plastic composite pipe has been well developed in recent years, Banline TCP / RTP machinery first time introduced in Chinaplas 2021 with our leading TCP/RTP project with CHINA LESSO Group. “ Quality Meets Excellence” is the main theme of Banline Global Service, which puts our faith in our clients.  Banline introduced worldwide


Fiberglass Tape Reinforcement - Worldwide New Technology


The Banline TCP-Ultra Oil Gas TCP/RTP machinery and TCP-Wave Water Supply TCP/RTP Machinery opens the new chapter of machinery designing - co-axis wrapping technology, which now able to manufacture  DN 50 – 630 ( 1.96 in. – 24.8 in.) fully bonded fiberglass tape reinforced TCP/RTP pipe continuous produce more than 5 km continuous fiberglass tape reinforced thermoplastic composite pipe ( TCP) . The FHFC technology ensures fiberglass tape bonding performance.


A TCP / RTP Technology Platform


The TCP – Ultra Oil Gas and TCP-Wave series come up with a worldwide-first co-axis wrapping design. Co-Axis stands for “ simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”  and refers to the technology platform now able to be customized by clients' demand.  Banline provides the highest standard of TCP/RTP wrapping machine, heating and cooling technology, for other machinery in the system such as a single-screw extruder, cooling tank, etc. our clients are able to prepare with themselves. The machinery customizable that enable customers to upgrade their current line rather than replace the new one.

Technique Solution for Tomorrow’s Continuous Fiberglass Tape


New wrapping machinery is able to apply wider width of fiberglass tape. Max continuous Wrappable fiberglass tape can be up to 360mm. Banline made fiberglass tape width range is from 90 mm – 360 mm. The thickness of fiberglass tape is adjustable with 0.5mm for each class, the max fiberglass tape thickness can be reached to 0.4mm.


Co-Axis GF TapeWrapping Technology 

Fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipe.

There are more impressive highlights from Banline TCP/RTP machinery technology at Chinaplas that can be shared with global experts. Feel free to contact Banline GlobalSerivce, wish we can work together soon.

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