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CHINAPLAS 2024 Concludes with Significant Achievements: Breaking up the Way for thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP/RTP) machinery

CHINAPLAS 2024 has come to a successful close at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Hongqiao) in Shanghai, showcasing the innovative advancements of Banline Machinery in the thermoplastic composite pipe industry.

BANLINE: A Pillar of Excellence and Innovation


Banline remains committed to its core philosophy of customer priority and maintaining quality. Leveraging over decades of expertise in developing machinery for reinforced thermoplastic composite pipes, Banline continues to deliver high-value and competitive solutions that empower clients to reduce costs, boost efficiency, and adopt innovative changes.


Throughout CHINAPLAS 2024, Banline demonstrated its leadership with cutting-edge technologies and data-driven solutions, which garnered significant attention and set new fiberglass tape reinforced TCP/RTP machinery industry standards.


The Banline exhibit the newest TCP machinery design, which are co-axis fiberglass tape wrapping machine – TCP ultra and TCP 1200 lines. It was a focal point of the event, attracting major industry media and numerous international visitors interested in exploring the latest innovations.

Banline Showcases advanced TCP machinery used foroil & gas and pressurized water transportation industry


Banline is intensively advancing key technologies, enhancing its array of innovative offerings. Featured prominently at the exhibition were Banline's latest models: TCP-Ultra™ and TCP-Wave™, both designed for oil & gas and water applications respectively. These models emphasize improvements in efficiency, precision, and smart integration, suitable for sectors like energy, water management, and more, showcasing a path towards more sustainable and smarter manufacturing processes.



CHINAPLAS Success: A Synthesis of Innovation and Collaboration


CHINAPLAS served as a dynamic stage for Banline to display its robust product solutions and to facilitate direct interactions with global customers. Through live demonstrations and engaging activities, participants gained deep insights into Banline’s new products, advanced technologies, and innovative applications.


The remarkable product quality and committed service philosophy of Banline attracted considerable interest and acclaim. Throughout the event, numerous companies, both domestic and international, engaged in strategic partnerships and seeked agreements for machinery purchases, solidifying their collaborations with Banline.


A notable visit from China Central Television (CCTV), centered on future cooperative endeavors and current industry trends, likely to boost Banline’s international business interactions and market collaborations, further advancing its global strategy.


As CHINAPLAS concluded, Banline is set to embark on a new journey. With a strategy centered on accelerating the development of innovative productive forces, the company is poised to continue leading in product development and technological breakthroughs.


In collaboration with global customers and partners, Banline is committed to pursuing high-end progress and sustainable growth, aiming for higher collaborative success and shaping a new chapter in high-quality growth.


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Exhibition Details



Phone: 021 57772288


April 23 - 26, 2024

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