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Large Diameter Bonded Fiberglass Tape Reinforced TCP Pipe Machinery Line Design

Introduction to Thermoplastic Composite Pipe Machinery

Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP/RTP) technology represents a significant advancement in pipe manufacturing, particularly in the water supply sector. For over four decades, this technology has evolved, culminating in Banline's state-of-the-art Thermoplastic Composite Pipe Machinery. This machinery is specifically designed to produce TCP pipes reinforced with bonded fiberglass tape, marking a substantial leap in replacing traditional corroded metallic pipes.

The Banline TCP/RTP Machinery: A Technological Marvel for Large Diameter Bonded Fiberglass Tape Reinforced TCP Pipe Machinery Line Design

Banline's machinery incorporates a novel processing concept combining a single-screw extruder, tape wrapping machine, and outer layer extruder. This unique combination brings several benefits to the production process. The machinery's capability to operate continuously over long distances (5+ kilometers) without interruption is a game-changer, significantly enhancing manufacturing efficiency. It also boasts superior material savings compared to traditional polyethylene and steel wire reinforced pipes, alongside a smart control system that ensures operational stability.

Co-Axis Wrapping Machine: Addressing Larger Diameter Challenges

One of the standout features of Banline's Thermoplastic Composite Pipe Machinery is the co-axis wrapping machine. This machine is adept at handling large-diameter TCP pipes, wrapping single-piece fiberglass tapes up to 360mm in width. This ability is crucial for manufacturing larger pipes (DN 200 – DN 630), ensuring a balanced heating process around the thermoplastic liner and reinforcement layers. This heating stability is paramount as uneven temperatures can affect the overall performance of the TCP.

The Future of Pipe Manufacturing

Banline's Thermoplastic Composite Pipe Machinery signifies a forward leap in the field of TCP/RTP production. With its innovative design, material efficiency, and operational stability, it stands as a testament to Banline's commitment to advancing the water supply industry's infrastructure. This machinery not only enhances production capabilities but also paves the way for more sustainable and reliable water supply systems worldwide.

Large Diameter Bonded Fiberglass Tape Reinforced TCP Pipe


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