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Fiberglass Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Pipe Concept and Materials

Oil gas thermoplastic composite pipe machinery technology helps us deliver affordable, reliable, economical energy that can benefit our world. The technology behind us not only help us find the sufficient way to explore new material, new solution in composite pipe field, but also replace current composite/reinforced pipe under lower costs. The new generation of thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP pipe) now benefits oil & gas and water supply industries. These data enable us to develop and manage global assets efficiently. It also provides us great opportunity to step up into more scalable, economical new resources while reducing environmental damage.

Fiberglass TCP Structure

The TCP pipe is RTP pipe with bonded structure. Three main layers in fiberglass TCP pipe :

- Outer layer ( as called Cover Layer, Protective Outer Coating )

This layer is not load bearing but engineered to protect the TCP pipe in order to against outside influences such as water, sands. This cover layer made of HDPE (PE 100+) is additionally UV resistant.

- Reinforcement Layer ( Middle layer )

The TCP pipe use continuous fiberglass tape as its reinforcement layer. The non-metallic fiberglass tape ingredients make it an ideal solution for serving extremely corrosive fluids in the toughest environment conditions.

- Liner ( inner layer, inner liner)

The liner is the core pipe of reinforced thermoplastic composite pipe, generally made of HDPE (PE100+). It can withstand all fluids and gasses in oil and gas applications. Due to the smooth inside surface, it is totally scaling free and has significantly less flow resistance than steel pipes. Sometimes multi-level inner layer made of anti-corrosion material such as PE>Resin>EVOH>Resin>PE as inner liner. It prevents the direct contact of oil with the plastic layer, and thus ensures the TCP pipe 100% corrosion free and heat resistant.

Thermoplastic Composite Pipe Innovation and Merits

2.5MPa to 25MPa compression strength under room temperature, up to 35MPa by special design

Long time durability under severe temperature and pressure, -40℃ to 95℃ creep resistance for more than 50 years by applying PERT-I PERT-II or other material for wide range of temperature application under lower temperature.

- Long term corrosion resistance

- 10.5×10-5/K linear expansivity

- Design flexibility, easy direction changing, connector free


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