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DN 630 - Bonded Fiberglass Thermoplastic Composite pipe (TCP) Machinery Technology & Innovation

Thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) is the next generation of composite pipe mostly used in the oil gas industry. The diameter range mostly covers DN 50 – DN 110 with more than 30Mpa. After we successfully developed bonded fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) with continuous production covers DN 50 – 160, we were thinking to develop larger size fiberglass TCP pipe (DN 200 -DN 315, DN 400 - DN 630), which also can benefit the water application field, so Banline TCP - Wave™ line comes out.

There is no doubt that the fiberglass TCP pipe is able to save raw material up to 40% composite pipe by comparing it with polyethylene

pipe. 30% raw material saving by comparing with steel wire reinforced pipe(SRTP). It would be great to give you a brief overview of the development of DN 200 – DN 315, DN 400 – DN 630 fully bonded fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) machinery line with continuous production. Our project with the largest pipe manufacture CHINA LESSO Group Holdings (HKG.2128)in China.

The liner and cover layer use single screw extruder designed for top performance in continuous pipe extrusion and ideally suited for PE100+ pipe. Liner(inner layer ) co-extrusion still applicable in Banline fiberglass TCP machinery line system. For instance, 5 layers of co-extruded pipes for TCP pipe with the structure from the inside to the outside: PE- RT/adhesive/EVOH/adhesive/PE-RT.

When we developed our first generation of TCP pipe machinery, we would like to push the limitation of the wrapping machine first. Therefore we redesign the entire wrapping system, which is different than other fiberglass wrapping machines (planetary-wrapping machine) providers in the current market such as Goldstone, Kraussmaffei. Our wrapping machine is called Co-Axis wrapping machine, which is suitable for single roll of fiberglass tape width from 90 mm – 360 mm. Especially for larger diameter fiberglass TCP pipe, technically, the fiberglass tape width shall be around 1000mm in order to reach 55° wrapping angle, it's too wide to reach that according to current tape technology.

Thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) line system that suitable for oil gas industry, and is the next generation of reinforced thermoplastic pipe ( RTP pipe)

Taking into account that it is easy to make fiberglass tape, and

the glassfiber tape wrapping process is controllable, Banline TCP- Wave™ line is applicable for one piece 360mm width of fiberglass tape for DN 200 – DN 630 bonded fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP). It looks impossible that single piece of 360mm fiberglass tape can be used in planetary-designed fiberglass tape wrapping machine.

According to our previous analysis, There’s un-even gaps or overlaps between each wrapped fiberglass tape by using planetary-type fiberglass wrapping machine, which will have impact on bonding performance such as inaccurate outer diameter (OD), etc. Adjusting each bobbin angle and position is another challenge for planetary-type wrapping machine, and will cost a lot of time. Therefore, we redesign the wrapping machine that makes it easier to adjust, and applicable for larger fiberglass tape in order to push the boundary of this technology. Banline Co-Axis wrapping technology allows clients to adjust wrapping angle more easily to solve wrapped fiberglass tape gap problems, and be ready for the next fiberglass tape bonding procedure. Therefore, the entire fiberglass tape wrapping system had been redesigned, and make it easy to use and control in order to suit the different market.

Banline oil gas use TCP-Ultra™ and water application use TCP-Wave™ machinery line system wrapping machine advantages can briefly be introduced as :

1. Able to produce TCP/RTP pipe diameter range up to DN 630 ( DN 50 – 160, DN 200 -315, DN400 – 630)

2.Minimize the occurrence of wrapped fiberglass tape gaps after the fiberglass tape wrapping procedure.

3.Single piece fiberglass tape width is applicable from 90 mm – 360 mm

Fiberglass Tape bonding procedure

The heating procedure that we use and called celerity heating & cooling ( fast heating & fast cooling). It is because, during the fiberglass tape bonding procedure, we do not only need to ensure heating temperature reaches high enough to make wrapped fiberglass tape fully bonded with TCP liner. We designed and make heating unit temperature can be reached up to 800 ℃(900℃max). In order to avoid melting and burning TCP liner, the Banline heating unit is also redesigned in order to reach our fast heating goal, and already developed fast heating technology d, the liner melting and burning can be successfully avoided.

For larger diameter ( DN 200 – 315, DN 400 – 630) fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP), the heating uniformity around the TCP inner layer pipe is also important while we designed our heating unit in line. During our experience while developing the line, larger diameter thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) heating temperature around the liner is the challenging part, the top position of the liner pipe temperature is higher than the lower position, etc. The overall thermoplastic composite pipe performance will be affected if the pipe surrounding the heating temperature is different. Therefore, we designed our heating unit that ensures the entire liner pipe is evenly heated around the circumference, which can ensure the uniform strength of the fiberglass TCP pipe. Through years of development, the continuous production of bonded fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) for larger diameter, used in water application becomes true.


Our largest client in China is CHINA LESSO Group, and launched the LESSO project years ago. LESSO has been purchased our entire fiberglass TCP machinery line system solution covers DN 50 -160 , DN 200 – 315, DN 400 – 630, and already introduced this newest composite pipe in China.

LESSO Group Background

China Lesso Group Holdings Limited (Stock Name: China Lesso, Stock Code: 02128.HK) is a large industrial group of home furnishings and building materials in China. Its sales revenue has reached RMB 26.345 billion in 2019. LESSO also

has over 30 years of experience in production and R&D in the pipeline field, becoming one of the earliest enterprises which can supply pipe and fittings products in China. At present China LESSO has more than 3,500 sets of production equipment in the field of pipelines with annual design capacity of over 2,500,000 tons.

The following table shows that currently the production of larger diameter bonded fiberglass TCP pipe that LESSO group produce by using our TCP – Wave™ line.

bonded fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) pipe diameter chart, it provides RTP pipe , TCP pipe made for water application

The future of technology generally evokes a range of people from all walks of life. we view it as a way to bring the world closer together and to help solve some of our greatest challenges. Hope this article can provide brief scale of larger diameter thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP). If you need more data and details, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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