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24.8 inch. Bonded Fiberglass Tape Reifnroced TCP Pipe Machinery Line System Design

Thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP/RTP) has been developed for more than 40 years. TCP pipe made by thermoplastic liner with continues reinforcement of fiberglass tape, carbon fiber tape, aramid tape etc. for different market use such as oil gas transmission, water supply. The TCP ( as called bonded structure of RTP) made to replace corroded metallic pipes. This article will introduce how we design newest TCP line machinery to make it more extensibility and reliability.

24.8 Inch (Dn 630) – bonded fiberglass tape reinforced thermoplastic composite pipe made by Banline TCP – Wave™ line designed for water supply industry - working pressure more than 2Mpa.

We are also continuing to develop larger diameter fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipe since overall structure of Banline wrapping machinery, heating and cooling are all well use newest design. It leads the 24.8 inch TCP/RTP pipe successfully developed.

How TCP/RTP Machinery Benefits the Pipe Raw Material Savings

The patented processing concept for Banline TCP-Utra Oil Gas and TCP-Wave Water Supply features a novel combination of singles screw extruder, tape wrapping machine, and outer layer extruder. The newest tape wrapping process concept delivers a clear and competitive advantages :

1. 5 KM + non-stop/ continuous working process - Increase continuous production capability –. It saves tremendous time for pipe manufactures on replace new fiberglass tape. The TCP / RTP pipe can be cutted and any time any point, which provides more manufacture flexibility for the pipe manufactures.

2. Machinery efficiency leads to save more than 40% pipe raw materials by comparing it with polyethylene pipe ( PE pipe) . 30% raw material saving by comparing with steel wire reinforced pipe(SRTP).

3. Smart control system. The innovative control system, which ensure the operation stability for the line.

All matter of TCP Wrapping & Fusion Bonding Process

Since we designed the new wrapping machine that are able to produce larger ( DN 400 or more ) fiberglass TCP pipe, we noticed that we need to redesign the entire structure that make wrapping process easier, more suitable for larger diameter TCP pipe wrapping. Therefore, the co-axis wrapping machine sucessfully developed.

Banline TCP- Wave™ line is able to wrap single- piece 360mm width fiberglass tape for DN 200 – DN 630 bonded fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP). It is impossible that single piece of 360mm fiberglass tape can be used in planetary-designed fiberglass tape wrapping machine

For larger diameter TCP pipe ( DN 200 – 315, DN 400 – 630), the balanced heating process around thermoplastic liner and reinforcement layers are also important. One of the challenges

During our experience while developing the line, larger diameter thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) heating temperature around the liner is the challenging part, for instance, the top side of the liner pipe temperature is higher than the lower side, etc.

Heating Stability

The overall thermoplastic composite pipe performance will be affected if heating temperature around the TCP is different. Therefore, we designed our heating` unit that ensures the entire liner pipe is evenly heated at each side of the pipe, which can ensure the uniform strength of the fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipe. Through years of development, the continuous production of bonded fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) for larger diameter, used in water application becomes true.

Thermoplastic Composite Pipe Dimension

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