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Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP), Reinforcement Tape, Machinery Design, TCP Production

Over the last four decades, Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP/RTP) has significantly evolved. Constructed using a thermoplastic liner and ongoing reinforcement of materials such as fiberglass tape, carbon fiber tape, aramid tape, etc.,

TCPs serve various industries ranging from oil and gas transmission to water supply. TCPs, also known as the bonded structure of RTPs, are designed to replace corroded metallic pipes. This piece will provide insights into our latest TCP line machinery designed for increased extensibility and reliability.

Our 24.8 Inch (Dn 630) water supply industry-designed TCP, reinforced with bonded fiberglass tape, is capable of handling a working pressure exceeding 2Mpa. This product, developed by Banline TCP – Wave™, is a testament to our continuous efforts in advancing larger diameter fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipes. The successful development of this 24.8-inch TCP/RTP pipe is thanks to our innovative machine design, incorporating heating and cooling features.

The Benefits of TCP/RTP Machinery on Material Savings

Our patented processing concept, featuring a unique combination of a single screw extruder, tape wrapping machine, and outer layer extruder, offers clear competitive advantages:

  1. A non-stop/ continuous working process exceeding 5 KM, saving significant time on replacing new fiberglass tape.

  2. Efficiency in machinery leading to more than 40% savings on raw materials in comparison to polyethylene pipes (PE pipe), and 30% savings when compared to steel wire reinforced pipes (SRTP).

  3. A smart control system ensuring operational stability.

TCP Wrapping & Fusion Bonding Process

In order to produce larger fiberglass TCP pipes (DN 400 or more), we recognized the need for a machine redesign. The result is a co-axis wrapping machine capable of wrapping a single 360mm width fiberglass tape piece for DN 200 – DN 630 bonded fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP). This feat would have been impossible with a planetary-designed fiberglass tape wrapping machine.

Balanced heating during the production of larger diameter TCP pipes is also crucial. The challenges experienced during the development stage led us to design a heating unit that ensures uniform heating on all sides of the liner pipe. This results in a fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipe with uniform strength.

Banline GlobalService

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