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Banline Co-axis Fiberglass Tape Wrapping Machine Patent – 02

In 2016, Shanghai Banline Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. spent about 200 million RMB to wholly acquire Thercom Corporation of the United States. Transferring its RTP pipe production and production equipment and technology, pipe testing laboratory, key material (glass fibre tape) production equipment and technology, etc. to China. And all of its management and technicians are transferred to our U.S. company for further technological development.


Fiberglass tape wrapping machine technology innovation research:


After two years, we improved and developed our technologies based on Thercom's equipment, and in 2018, we successfully developed the most advanced RTP pipe production technology.


The core technologies are all the first of their kind in the world, as follows:


(1) Innovative use of polyethylene core pipe crystallization shrinkage control process technology to reduce the crystallization shrinkage of the core pipe after extrusion, overcoming the phenomenon of pipe delamination caused by the post-shrinkage of the core pipe in many composite pipes.


We have studied the whole process of polyethylene liner pipe extrusion and carried out the core pipe extrusion screw structure design, screw speed, temperature control of each section of the extruder barrel, mould temperature setting, mould structure design, temperature and vacuum control of the vacuum calibrating sleeve, vacuum spray cooling box in the control of the vacuum, control of the haul-off speed of the core pipe head haul-off machine, and the adjustment of wall thickness and deviation as well as out-of-roundness of the liner pipe.

In innovative design, the shrinkage rate of 24 hours after core pipe moulding is controlled within a reasonable range. It is much lower than the shrinkage rate of ordinary polyethylene pipe, avoiding the pipe delamination caused by the shrinkage of the core pipe.


Baline co-axis wrapping machine
China CCTV report - Banline co-axis fiberglass tape wrapping machine

(2) Innovative fiberglass tape wrapping machine - Co-Axis large pad for wrapping process.

Compared with the traditional wrapping process, which adopts the small disc planetary wrapping method, our innovative Co-Axis large disc wrapping method has the following advantages:

a. The glass fibre tape on the large disc can be up to 12,000 m (about 2,000 m for the small disc), and one disc of glass fibre tape can continuously produce about 5 km of pipes, which ensures the continuity of production.

b. The large disc structure has fewer operating controls, simplifying the process and solving the manipulability of the production process.

c. This technology has been patented as "a continuous glass fibre composite reinforced pipe wrapping machine and its method of use".

(3) Innovative glass fibre tape tension and angle control systems are adopted.

The wrapping angle and tension of the glass fibre tape directly affect the strength of the pipe. We have adopted patented technologies such as "a kind of glass fibre tape wrapping guide and angle adjusting mechanism" and "an adjustable wrapping spreading device" which make the wrapping angle of the glass fibre tape controllable in the production process. And the tension can also be controlled.


fiberglass TCP/RTP machinery compairsion
Banline fiberglass tape thermoplastic composite pipe machine and other TCP/RTP wrapping machine

(4)  Innovative fusion welding technology is adopted.

There are many domestic and international technologies for the production of non-fusion-welded RTP pipes. They have a huge gap between the pipes in terms of long-term pipe life and pressure resistance, compared with the pipes produced by fusion welding technology.

We pioneered the use of gas infrared pipe heating technology, which is more efficient than electric infrared heating. The heating speed is faster, and because laser heating is cheaper, the energy consumption is also lower. At present, gas infrared heating technology has been awarded several patents, including "a heat dissipation ceramic honeycomb panel heating fusion mechanism", "a new type of heating device for composite pipe reinforcement layer wrapping" and so on.


(5)  The control system of the whole machine is fully intelligentised and automated, following the requirements of intelligent manufacturing.

a. The key control points affecting the quality of the pipe are all monitored online, and automatic feedback adjustment is realised.

b. After the order is entered, the requirements of intelligent manufacturing are realised, such as the automatic output of materials' bills, self-design of processes, automatic reporting of production progress, automatic statistics of production energy consumption, etc.


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