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Design the Advanced Thermoplastic Composite Pipe Machinery: Enhancing TCP Production

Revolutionizing TCP Production with State-of-the-Art Thermoplastic Composite Pipe Machinery

The evolution of Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP/RTP) over the last four decades marks a significant advancement in the field of pipeline technology. These pipes, skillfully crafted with a thermoplastic liner and continuously reinforced with materials such as fiberglass tape, carbon fiber tape, and aramid tape, have proven invaluable in various sectors, including oil and gas transmission and water supply.

Banline's recent breakthrough in Thermoplastic Composite Pipe Machinery has set new standards in TCP production. Our 24.8 Inch (Dn 630) TCP, tailored for the water supply industry and reinforced with bonded fiberglass tape, can handle working pressures above 2Mpa. This innovation is a result of our Banline TCP – Wave™ program, dedicated to pioneering larger diameter fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipes. The successful development of this TCP/RTP pipe is a testament to our groundbreaking machine design, integrating optimal heating and cooling systems for superior performance.

Our patented TCP/RTP machinery offers distinct material savings, thanks to our unique processing concept. This concept merges a single screw extruder, a tape wrapping machine, and an outer layer extruder, leading to several competitive advantages:

-A non-stop, continuous working process extending over 5 KM, significantly reducing downtime for replacing new fiberglass tape.

- Over 40% savings on raw materials compared to polyethylene pipes, and a 30% reduction in costs relative to steel wire reinforced pipes, due to improved machinery efficiency.

-A state-of-the-art control system ensuring consistent operational stability and performance.

In our quest to produce larger fiberglass TCP pipes (DN 400 and above), we realized the necessity for an innovative approach in machine design. Our solution is a cutting-edge co-axis wrapping machine, capable of handling a single 360mm width fiberglass tape piece for DN 200 – DN 630 bonded fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic composite pipe. This development marks a significant leap from the traditional planetary-designed fiberglass tape wrapping machines, enabling us to meet the demands for larger pipe sizes with ease.

A crucial aspect of producing larger diameter TCP pipes is maintaining balanced heating throughout the production process. Addressing the challenges faced during the development stage, we engineered a heating unit that ensures uniform heating on all sides of the liner pipe. This approach results in a fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipe that boasts uniform strength, an essential factor for ensuring the long-term durability and reliability of the pipes.

At Banline, we are not just about creating innovative machinery; we are about empowering industries with solutions that redefine efficiency and performance. Our GlobalService team is committed to providing quick, reliable service, and high-standard delivery, ensuring that your projects are supported every step of the way. For more information on our Thermoplastic Composite Pipe Machinery and its impact on TCP/RTP production, feel free to reach out to us.


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