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Fiberglass Thermoplastic Pipes machinery at CHINAPLAS 2023: High-Strength, Eco-Friendly Solutions for Industries

Banline, a leading manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced composite pipe machinery, presents its cutting-edge technology at Chinaplas 2023 under the motto "Shaping the Future of Pipe Industries." Discover how Banline empowers pipe manufacturers to excel in sustainability, digitalization, and productivity with advanced, eco-friendly, and high-strength composite pipe production solutions.


We shared As the demand for high-strength, corrosion-resistant, and environmentally friendly pipe solutions continues to grow, fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic composite pipes (TCP) are emerging as a leading choice for various industrial applications. At Chinaplas 2023, Banline, a prominent manufacturer of fiberglass-reinforced composite pipe machinery, will showcase its cutting-edge technology for producing high-quality TCP pipes.

Fiberglass TCP liners are designed to contain transported fluids effectively and resist degradation from all fluid components. Banline's machinery, including its TCP-Ultra production line, is equipped to handle various polymers, such as PolyEthylene (PE), polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF), PolyAmide (PA12), and Polyethylene of Raised Temperature (PERT). This versatility ensures that the produced TCP pipes can cater to diverse applications in the oil and gas industry.

For cold and hot water applications, Banline's TCP and RTP pipe production technology can utilize materials like PE-X and PE-RT, which offer oxygen permeability. EVOH, a material with excellent barrier resistance, can also be used in fiberglass TCP and RTP pipes to enhance their performance. With multi-layer co-extrusion technology, Banline can produce 3-layer co-extruded pipes of PE-RT and EVOH, as well as 5-layer co-extruded TCP and RTP pipes, offering unparalleled durability and environmental friendliness.

Choosing the right fiberglass tape wrapping, heating, and cooling machinery is crucial for producing high-quality TCP pipes. Banline's advanced machinery ensures optimal bonding performance and minimizes gaps between wrapped fiberglass tape layers. The key to achieving this lies in the instantaneous heating and cooling process, which guarantees superior bonding quality.

Current heating technologies, such as infrared and laser heating, offer rapid heating and cooling capabilities. However, as the fusion bonding technology continues to improve, it is essential for clients seeking new thermoplastic composite pipe machinery to pay close attention to fast heating and fast cooling features. By focusing on these aspects, Banline aims to provide the industry with reliable, efficient, and sustainable TCP pipe production solutions.

Join Banline to discover how innovative machinery is shaping the future of the fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic composite pipe industry, empowering pipe manufacturers to excel in sustainability, digitalization, and productivity.

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